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Welcome to Tea With Sheri's program schedule. This page includes a listing of show topics for episodes of the Tea With Sheri Talk Show.

"A Visit to the Kushi Institute" · Founder of the Kushi Institute and author of many best-selling books, Michio Kushi, introduces his latest book The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health. Mr. Kushi has been acknowledged by the United Nations, the United States Congress and the Smithsonian Institute for his pioneering work in the natural foods and alternative medicine movements. Information about the Kushi Institute will be shared as well as a personal story from Meg Wolf who has successfully healed herself from breast cancer by incorporating the macrobiotic principals into her daily life.

"Miso Soup for the Soul" · Join author and well known motivational speaker, Jack Canfield, as he enjoys a bowl of healthy soup with Sheri and discusses his latest book, The Success Principals. Learn how you can apply these simple principals to maintaining your day to day health.

"Tofu 1-2-3" · After hearing all of the great benefits of cooking with tofu, are you more confused as to how to make it taste good? Join Mary Beth Abrams, Sheri and olympic star, Carl Lewis, as they share their favorite recipes in the kitchen for preparing dishes made out of the "big white blob"!

"Japanese Beauty Secrets" · Meet the owner of Crystal Water Company and Rejuv Cosmetics in Japan and learn how to keep your skin looking younger and more beautiful each year. Traditional ingredients in these facial cleansers have been handed down in families of the East for generations.

"Anti-Cancer Foods" · Join Sheri as she discusses new alternative food dishes that help prevent cancer with guest Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., the founder and executive director of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Learn the bottom line on dietary fats and see her recent video clips on "Breast Cancer: the Diet Connection".

"Healthy Hormone Treatments" · Welcome back our guest, Dr. Anthony Bazzan, who will be discussing his new breakthrough treatments for female and male hormone imbalances and his new work at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Jefferson University.

"Sushi on the Go" · Smile as you learn how to roll a sushi roll in time for a pick me up snack or dinner appetizer. Sheri will demonstrate some quick and delicious ways to prepare vegetarian style sushi in a snap and show some clips from her new cooking DVD, Macro for the Mainstream.

"Are You Hip on the Healthiest Diet Trends?" · Be a hip chic and tune in to see Jessica Porter share some new ideas on diet from her latest book, The Hips Chics Guide to Macrobiotics. Jessica is so hip she has also added a piece of her comedy routine to the show!

"Healing Chrons Disease" · Author Ginny Harper will share her life story and information from her book on how she healed from Chrons disease simply by changing to a healthier diet. Insight into how to improve all types of digestive disorders is shared.

"Miracles Under the Sea" · Learn about the wonderful world of sea veggies and some great benefits of adding them to your cooking. Sheri welcomes Larch Hanson, owner of Maine Seaweed Company, who explains how he harvests these delightful vegetables and packages them.

"The Healing Properties of Laughter" and much more! As Sheri joins Lino Standich, long time macrobiotic teacher and lecturer, learn the importance of a daily belly laugh, chewing and some new recipes from his wife's Janes cooking video.

"Seven Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health Without Going to the Kitchen" features guest Denny Waxman, macrobiotic counselor and founder of the Strengthening Health Institute (SHI). SHI offers educational programs to support and nurture personal or professional macrobiotic practices. Denny also discusses his recently-published book, The Great Life Handbook: A Practical Guide to Health, Happiness, and Freedom.

"Teen Empowerment" features guest Jennifer Shapiro, MBA, CHt, CNLP, CYT, IRT, founder of The Empowerment Centre, an Empowerment/NLP/Yoga Coach, Holistic Counselor and educator specializing in assisting teens and adults in creating meaningful lives and releasing the blocks that hold them back. Jennifer invites us to one of her teen empowerment classes and talks about new ways to assist teens in discovering their unique talents and capabilities, managing stress and their emotions, and creating the life they really want!

"Organic Standards" features guests Deborah Meierdiercks, Marketing Director of Whole Foods Market, and Chef Kerry Redanuauer. Deborah explains the new laws governing organic foods, and Kerry shares some simple healthy recipes, including "Lemon Cappellini" and "Emerald Sesame Kale".

"Hypnotherapy" features guest Laura G. Amoroso, president of the Action Institute for Well Being in Philadelphia, who reveals how hypnosis for behavior change is used for weight management, smoke cessation, stress management, phobias, pain-free child birth, and motivation.

"Vegetarian Restaurants Dishes" feautres guest Rich Landau, Owner/Chef of Horizons Cafe in Willow Grove, PA. Rich shows and discusses new vegetarian recipes which have made his restaurant a destination for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

"Yoga with Sam", with guest Sam Metzger, leads viewers through a series of simple yoga postures that can be practiced in your living room! Sam will discuss the proper way to begin various yoga positions in a safe and supportive manner.

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